First time a #buzzer

Hello guys,

Recently, I have discovered #thebuzzstore and I was curious to find out how it works and if it really works as they say, you receive a product, you test it, tell your opinion and you can keep it. That sounds good! Let's give it a try!

What have I done to be chosen one of the buzzers?

To be honest, I just created an account on their website and apply to some existing campaigns by filling in a simple quiz. After a few weeks, I've got an email saying that I was chosen to the Rowenta Homecare campaign and after a few days I received the wanted product, a much needed vacuum cleaner, to be very specific a X-Trem Power Rowenta RO6883A.

I have got more than three months to put it to the test and review it. I was really excited by the number of accessories of the vacuum cleaner, even one specially designed for your pets's hair. I want to mention that the plastic buttons don't seem to be the best quality, but I didn't have problems with them.

I think it's a pretty powerful vacuum cleaner, it really helps me improve the time spent cleaning my house because my older vacuum cleaner was overheating and I had to wait 5 to 10 minutes after cleaning one room, it's not pleasant at all. One more aspect that I was really intrigued by, is how silent it is. I hope my neighbors will buy one because I totally recommend it!  

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